Probably the most beautiful, unique, traditional, messed up, mesmerizing, scary, dreamlike country of the entire trip.

Western Sahara

Also known as the Southern Provinces (of Morocco) or the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic, this disputed territory is among the most desolate places on earth. Makes you wonder what all the fuss is about…


4 feb – 11 march 2014 ~ So close to Europe, and yet a world apart. Morocco was the perfect introduction to Africa, and to the subtle art of backpacking.

Mad dash through Europe

2 – 4 feb 2014 ~ What am I getting myself into? That question pops into my head more and more often as my departure date comes closer. ‘West Africa’ is the easy answer, but what does that really mean? I’ve been dreaming about making a trip like this for years, but so far, dreaming is all I’ve done. Now that I have both the money and the time, I intend to live that dream.